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What Is My Shopping Box
What are the services of my-shopping box
How Much do these services cost
How do I pay for these services?
When can I start using my-shoppingbox?
When will my package be shipped?
Why do I receive my items on different days?
Can a relative or friend send me goods through My-Shopping Box?
How do I track my packages?
Can you ship electronics or furniture?
What items are prohibited for shipment?

Shipping Fees & Questions

How is the chargeable weight of a package computed?
What about insurance coverage?
What about customs import fees?
Are there any storage charges?
How do I know a package has been delivered?
What about large and odd sized packages?
Why is the weight of a package coming from the merchant different from that received by My-ShoppingBox?
Can my-shoppingbox combine and consolidate purchases from various merchants?


What if the item is lost while in possession of My-Shopping Box?
what if the goods received at the My-Shopping Box facility is damaged?
What if the goods received by the subscriber is damaged?
What is the limited liability rule of behalf of My-Shopping Box?


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